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inSPYre Agent App


An app exclusively for inSPYre agents. With this app, you can receive scores and ranking info on the inSPYre attraction as well as all the latest news. ・ Spy score functionDisplays your scores achieved in the inSPYre attraction. You can also check your spy type with the radar chart.
・ Spy rankingYou can check your ranking for each mission.
・ Member ID card functionSimply display your ID bar code, and you won't need an ID card.
・ NoticeDisplays information updates from inSPYre.
・ Mission reservationThis function is only available for app users and enables you to reserve a game at the inSPYre attraction. You can also confirm your reservation date and time.
■■Notes■■・ You need to register yourself as a user to use this app. ・ An inSPYre ID card is required to share your scores through the app. * An ID card will be issued when you participate in the attraction for the first time.